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How I Built This: Creating a Practice that You Can Love and LIVE On!

Wynne Stallings LMHC CAP, Qualified Supervisor


Come, learn from a champion with a track record of success building a thriving, multi-staff psychotherapy practice.   Wynne Stallings is a Florida licensed psychotherapist, a Certified Addictions Professional, and a Qualified Supervisor of MHC and MFT Interns with over 20 years of professional counseling, program development, and clinical management experience. Wynne has treated male inmates and youthful offenders in psychiatric facilities, as well adolescents and adults in substance abuse rehabs. She has worked with all of these populations in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Over the years, her skill set grew to include program development, Family Program facilitation and development, staff development, and curriculum development, particularly in the areas of family systems in treatment. In 2013, Wynne started the training process (and it is a lonnnnng one!) to eventually become a Certified Practitioner in Psychodrama. She regularly uses Psychodramatic methods in addition to traditional talk forms of counseling in her clinical practice.

In 2013, Wynne also started her private practice, first as a solo practitioner. In 2016, she incorporated SoulSpring Counseling Inc., a group private practice located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. She oversees a team of dynamic therapists and is always looking to add like-minded clinicians to #TeamSoulSpring. Wynne’s vision for SoulSpring Counseling is to create a potent, cooperative, and effective team of clinicians who can treat the entire family and serve the community at large. SoulSpring’s core values are Excellence, Integrity, Accountability, Personal Growth, Professional Growth, and, best of all, FUN! SoulSpring Counseling aims to help clients reclaim their childlike-selves while becoming the most fulfilled and confident adults they can be. For any client seeking help at SoulSpring Counseling, our goal is to help you Free your Soul, and Spring Forth your Life!

Why Now?

Studies have confirmed that 20-25% of persons, cutting across age and socioeconomic boundaries, have been diagnosed with mental health disorder. Anxiety, depression, trauma, and substance use disorders (SUDs) are calculated to be most prevalent. An estimated one third of persons who meet criteria for Major Depressive Disorder are getting no treatment. Opioid use and overdoses are considered “epidemic” by the Centers for Disease Control. Overall, persons seeking mental health services are on the rise. Outpatient care delivery leads the way driven by increased community awareness and acceptance, as well as third party payer motivation to drive down costs.

Despite the fact that 86.2% of the population in Palm Beach County, FL has health coverage (Data USA), most people who have a diagnosable disorder are not getting treated. There is a need for cost effective behavioral health resources to meet the rising needs for service.

To meet increased demand for services, the behavioral health industry has a projected growth rate of 23% through 2026, considered faster than average growth for all occupations nationwide (Occupational Outlook Handbook). This growth is attributed to greater overall interest by the populace in seeking therapy, addiction, and mental health services. Additionally, as states seek treatment and counseling services for drug offenders instead of jail time, demand for professionals in this industry will continue to increase.

Based on data analysis and comparison of 22 websites within the top 20% of geographically adjacent competitors, SoulSpring Counseling maintains the overall advantage as it relates to location, average years of experience, special certifications, and practice structure. Additionally, SoulSpring Counseling, in network with many insurance providers, is equipped to treat Middle Class clients who struggle with the most prevalent diagnoses at an affordable cost. The recent addition of telehealth services is a viable avenue to treat older populations and those who have transportation or other barriers to in office sessions.

SoulSpring Counseling is equipped to educate the community at large regarding current industry trends, gaps in service delivery, and means by which to obtain services at an affordable rate. SoulSpring Counseling is also positioned to consult with other providers to increase service provision opportunities to meet the rising demand for services. Attendees of this workshop will know the conditions, procedures, strategies and industry trends needed to start and build a successful private practice in Florida.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify necessary skills, personal attributes, and conditions needed to start and maintain a private practice
  2. Identify required legal and business procedures to start and maintain a private practice
  3. Identify numerous components of a marketing strategy necessary to grow a private practice
  4. Identify pros and cons of billing insurance for behavioral health services
  5. Identify steps needed to get credentialed and to navigate the insurance billing process
  6. Identify current legal, ethical, and best practice standards for Telehealth service delivery
  7. Describe the invaluable asset of creating a business plan for a mental health private practice

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