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Marijuana: Weeding Out Fact From Fiction

It is estimated that 9% of the population has a marijuana use disorder.  Recently, we have seen legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in many states.  We will review what has been observed in Colorado and Washington State and the impact of these new laws on our young people and society as a whole.

This workshop will help us differentiate between medical marijuana and recreational use of the drug.  We will explore the impact of marijuana use on the developing brain.  We will also learn how to confront some of the misconceptions and the justifications some use to continue their use.  Wilderness treatment has been found to be an effective modality in the treatment of marijuana and other substance use disorders.  Adventure therapy creates the opportunity to utilize nature as a metaphor for trials and challenges clients face everyday.



Ana Moreno is a psychotherapist and addiction specialist working in Miami, FL. Ana is Co-Founder and Clinical Director of Family Recovery Specialists, an intensive outpatient treatment program and consulting practice that works with those suffering from addiction and other mental health disorders.  Ms. Moreno is a certified facilitator for The Daring Way ™ curriculum, a shame resilience approach to help people recovering from addictions.

Wendy Kimball, LPC, CEAP
Wendy Kimball is the Director of Clinical Outreach at Four Circles Recovery Center in Asheville, NC.  A North Carolina native, Wendy brings over 15 years of both clinical and development experience to the team. Wendy worked in an employee assistance setting for 12 years, providing individual and family counseling, substance abuse compliance workshops and crisis response.  She is trained in EMDR, Harvard Mind Body Relaxation techniques and is a qualified MBTI administrator.

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