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Sex, Relationships and the Recovering Addict

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn the following  and be able to teach their clients to:

Recognize the concept of addiction as a global condition relating to overall stimulation, as opposed to being specific to a particular drug or activity.

Describe how addiction develops from a fear of intimacy and then creates a barrier to intimacy.

 Be able to differentiate between truly intimate relationships and pseudo-intimacy.

 Explain the paradox of giving up control to be in control.

 Implement strategies for Connection with a partner, with family, and with the Universe for a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

 Be able to effectively use the daily exercises for recovery and Connection

A Veteran Sex Therapist as our Guide

Dr. Carol Clark is a Board Certified Sex Therapist, Board Certified Transgender Care Therapist, and Certified Addictions Professional; CEO and senior instructor at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology, Sex Therapy Training Institute, and the Addictions Therapy Training Institute; and is the President of the International Transgender Certification Association and the Therapist Certification Association.

After moving to Miami in 1990, Dr. Clark worked for Dade and Broward Counties, Family Court, substance abuse treatment agencies, and private practice. She has been a Continuing Education provider for nurses, psychologists, counselors and social workers throughout South Florida and is a Certified Supervisor for counseling interns.

In her private practice, Dr. Clark utilizes a variety of interventions to effectively assist clients seeking personal growth and mental health in their lives. She is Certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and specializes in treating sex addiction and gender dysphoria.

As she recognized a commonality in the people she saw over the years, which mirrored those issues she dealt with in her personal life, she conceptualized a way of looking at our highly stimulating lifestyles as the result of a perpetually addictive state that disconnects us from each other and the universal life force. It is from this personal growing awareness that she wrote her book Addict America: The Lost Connection – a life-altering guide for all people and an excellent clinical resource. Addict America: The Lost Connection describes and defines a new viewpoint as to the elemental nature of addiction and how it affects our brains. By understanding the fundamental nature of addiction and applying the healing strategies set forth in this book, readers will find themselves reestablishing Connections in their lives that seemed lost forever.

Children’s Services Council

2300 High Ridge Road

Boynton Beach, FL 33426
The Children’s Services Council’s mission is to enhance the lives of children and their families and enable them to attain their full potential by providing a unified context within which children’s needs can be identified and resolved by all members of the community. To achieve this, the Council plans, develops, funds, and evaluates programs and promotes public policies which benefit Palm Beach County’s children and families.  We are grateful for their generous hospitality in providing our meeting room for this event.

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  • Children's Services Council

    2300 High Ridge Road

    Boynton Beach, FL 33426

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