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LATE Men: Adult Men as Lost, Angry Teenagers

Richard J. Loebl, LCSW,Board Certified Diplomate

Why do so many adult men self-sabotage? Studies show that men are more likely than women (often exponentially) to suffer addictions, to perpetrate sexual harassment and assault, to engage in road rage and violent crime, and to commit suicide. They are more irritable, less happy at work and at home, and they tend to disregard their own health (their life span is 6 years shorter than women). They’re afraid of intimacy, they’re often more controlling and demanding, and they lack emotional and relational skills. It’s not a pretty picture…

Richard’s been working with men in therapy for over 40 years, and he’s experienced many of their concerns and difficulties in my own life. After working with internal parts (such as the Inner Child and Inner Critic) for many years, he recognized that most of the men he worked with were developmentally delayed. They are the LATE Men – Adult men who function as Lost, Angry Teenagers. They’re late to show up responsibly in life, and late to mature. Men, and the women who are care about them, strongly identify with these ideas and observations, and they find comfort in knowing they are not alone. They are reassured in knowing that they weren’t born this way. Rather, their LATE Man attributes were shaped – even created by – familial and societal forces.

This presentation will help counselors and therapists to understand these men with compassion and to use an effective approach based on internal parts work and re-parenting the wounded Inner Child.

Richard J. Loebl, LCSW,Board Certified Diplomate

The Founder and Director of the Relationship Center of South Florida, Richard identifies himself as a LATE Man in recovery. He’s been a practicing therapist, program director, educator, and consultant for 40 years. He specializes in treating men individually and in groups, and teaches concepts related to The LATE Men in personal growth and development workshops. Richard’s other primary specialty is couples therapy, and he created the Connections program of marriage retreats and couples therapy intensives. The LATE Men concept evolved from Richard’s unique self-help model, Who’s In Charge? In this model, clients identify and work with their four primary internal parts: Inner Child, Teenager (who is often lost and angry), an Inner Critic, and a functioning, responsible and loving Adult self. The goal with The LATE Men is to reparent the wounded Inner Child and Lost, Angry Teenager, and to put the Adult self in charge.

Learning Objectives:

Identify, understand, and work with the four primary internal parts (Inner Child, Teenager, Inner Critic, and Adult).

  1. Recognize no less than five primary LATE Man attributes.
  2. Connect past to present: That is, identify the developmental sources of LATE Man behavior.
  3. Utilize this developmental knowledge in working with internal parts (how to reparent the wounded Inner Child).
  4. Assist LATE Men to develop a responsible, loving Adult self.

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